Paolo Carandini
Borgo Allegri,7r
50122 Firenze, Italy


Paolo Carandini
lives and works in Florence, Italy.
He has been designing and creating
exquisite objects using parchment and
naturally dyed calf leather since 1991.
His never ending pusuit
of witty ideas coupled with his flwaless
craffmanship, guarantee that each one
of the handmade boxes
is original and truly unique.

Parchment is an untanned, translucent and
extremely resistant animal leather.
It received its name from the city ofPergamum ( Asia Minor )
where its production was perfected in 250 BC
in order to replace papyrus,
the export of which had been banned by Egypt.
Since that time and until
the invention of the printing press,
parchment has played a significant role serving
as an invaluable tool in recording the written history
of the Western world.

Besom Illustration